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Are you having problems in your home with slow drains? Experiencing water start to back up in bathrooms and other drains? It’s likely you have clogged lines and pipes. Contact us for expert service.

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Using cleaners that are available over-the-counter in the market are no match for substantial blockage in the drain pipes. In such a case, you need the help of an expert. Call us for help when you are facing a major problem related to clogged drains and water and sewer lines. We provide you excellent service and ensure that there is no damage to your pipes in any way.

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Clogged drains are an odorous, unclean, and real hassle to homeowners. Clogs can occur in any drain in the house or business and they can cause serious problems for your plumbing if left untreated.

Call us to set up speedy, affordable repairs with the help of our highly experienced and skilled drain cleaners in the Santa Fe area. You can always count on our experts to provide you with top of the line  service. Our professionals are trained and experienced to banish clogs big and small. We guarantee you will get highly specialized service that is fast and on your schedule

Drain Cleaning

There are a variety of things that can cause your drain to become clogged or slow-moving. The drains in your home or business are used several times throughout the normal day, and normal wear and tear can lead to a clog or residue build-up.

As a preventative measure, it’s suggested that your sewer line be cleaned every two years.

Common causes of slow-moving or clogged drains

Food – Both residential and commercials kitchens are used for a variety of meal preparations and cleanup activities. While activities at the commercial kitchen are at much higher volume, all kitchen sink drains succumb to wear and tear of food being rinsed down over time.

Hair – In the bathroom, hair is the most common cause of slow-moving or clogged drains. These clogs typically happen in the bathtub and shower drain but can also happen in the sink drain.

Foreign Objects – this mostly includes non-flushable papers, pieces of clothing or a child’s toy also cause serious clogs.

Liquids – this comes in the form of animal grease, oil, butter, etc. poured down the kitchen drain. It goes down as liquid, however, once inside of the drain and cools, it turns into a thick paste that creates layers of buildup.

The team of our professional cleaners knows all these causes that are responsible for a slow-moving or clogged drain. We are available at any time for any type of slow-moving or clogged drain issue and are well equipped to address the issue right away. We use video inspection, snaking, rodding and hydro jetting to banish sludge and much and get the job done.

Drain and pipe problems do not get better with time, and the sooner they are addressed better it is for your plumbing system. Do not ignore it. Give us a call and we will solve your problem right away!